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Bella Sophia Sugar Crafts is owned by Eva and Joe Rivera. In 2012, Eva's passion for baking started. When she decided to start her business, she named it after her daughters, Isabella Rose and Aleina Sophia. 

Bella Sophia Sugar Crafts is thankful for all of the support they have received from the community.  


My name is Eva Rivera, and I am the creative force behind Bella Sophia Sugar Crafts.  This is my crazy journey through discovering the artful creature inside me! 


I have always had a love for the kitchen. As a little girl I was happiest at my grandmother's side watching her cook. The aromas, the colors, even the sound of a knife on the cutting board triggered excitement of what was to come. Through the years, I've acquired a love for all things crafty: sewing, scrapbooking, etc. However, I absolutely love baking! Everything from the frosting, to selecting a design for a special occasion, has become a joy.


My dream is to bring you into my journey for creating, and creating not just a cake, but a lifelong memory.

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